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annieHello! We’re Matt & Annie, and we’re a husband and wife photography and videography team. We are both Missouri natives, and currently live on a small farm in Jamestown, Missouri with our Siberian huskies, Vike & Oslo.

We didn’t exactly set out to start a farm, but when the opportunity arose to restore an old family farm house, we thought, “Why not!?” Before long, we acquired chickens, quail, ducks, kittens, and started our goat herd. Our critters might just be the most professionally-photographed animals around, and have actually made their way into family photoshoots.

Matt and I got married four years ago and through him I have learned how incredibly impactful relationships are on an individual- truly changing each of us into a person that we would not be without our partner. This widely sparked my interest in photographing the relationships of others. I love seeing how in a single, seemingly insignificant second, the love and value of an entire relationship can be portrayed. Every couple is unique and I love photographing the dynamics of each individual relationship-- showing how the two of you interact together to bring out something that is remarkable and singular to you!

Every relationship is unique – I know we have plenty of our own quirks! We spend too much time trying to cook the perfect Thai food, and we’ve re-watched The Office too many times while eating said Thai food. We create music – he writes songs with his guitar, and I try to keep up with my mandolin.

Whether or not the weather allows, you can find us outside in the woods, on the river, in the shop building things, in the garden, or with our goat herd, trying to be homesteaders. We love spur-of-the-moment camping trips, late night drives down gravel roads while blasting Lord Huron or Old Crow, and taking out the kayaks when we have a warm day in the middle of January.

That being said, lifestyle photography is our favorite thing – documenting all the unique parts of any relationship. Photographing adventurous people is our jam. We both earned two degrees in Forestry and in Fisheries & Wildlife, so as you can imagine, we really love being outdoors. We love working with the natural world as our backdrop, so if you’re a fellow adventurous soul, we might just be the photographers you are looking for!

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