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Wedding, Portrait and Family Photographer in Columbia, MO - Oak and Embers Photography

Hello! I’m glad you found us. We are based in central Missouri, but love to travel, so let’s go somewhere rad!

We are a husband & wife team – I’ve been doing photography for years, and my husband recently joined me to shoot videography!

I focus on photographing weddings, families, and individuals.

I love the moments that can be captured with a camera. We become so busy in our everyday lives, and we sometimes forget to set aside time to just enjoy being with our loved ones. I’m here to capture those moments.

I don’t want to simply pose you in a manner that makes you look great in front of a camera; I want to dig deeper. I want to capture the essence of you.

Every time you look at your photographs, I don’t want you to see only posed smiling faces; I want you to see raw emotions and memories. I want you to see the bonds of love that your family is composed of. I want you to see the joy in the eyes of your soulmate. I want you to see the confidence that started on the inside and came to the surface. I want you to see who you really are.

Connection is so important – especially with your photographer. Connecting with you on a personal level really helps me to understand you, and bring more of you to the surface. My goal is to help you be yourself in front of the camera. Let’s grab coffee or a drink and talk about how we want to collaborate!

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